Special interest in loss?

Personal experience has shaped my interest in loss, taking 
many forms, resulting in unexpected change…


Loved one – a relationship, someone close or secret?

Job – redundancy, redeployment, new territory, new home, new boss?

Identity or Status – caring, empty nest, downsizing, money worries, retired?

Health or Independence – aging or sudden change?

Feeling a lack of control? 

Health, Heart, Home, Business, Work, Family, Person or Place it matters…   

“It has been a hard but fruitful journey, one which has seen me leave behind anger and self recrimination, to rediscover and accept the person I really am.

For the first time in many years I have found contentment and can show pride in my achievements.” (Client)

Are you …

  • experiencing something unexpected resulting in feeling lost, unsure of yourself?
  • welcomed in a new community and miss others?
  • living with family because running your own home is too much?
  • no longer in your own space?
  • holding new responsibilities at work, travelling further, longer hours, less freedom, fewer friends?
  • redundant or working for yourself to find it wasn’t what you hoped?
  • in business and find yourself getting more involved yet less happy?
  • feeling left behind by someone moving on?

 I work with people adapting to change, often experienced as a loss, re-framing their experiences to live their own life to maximum potential.

Experiencing a painful loss or struggling with change?

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