Talk about..?

Whatever you wish. Mainly clients talk about what life is like for them and how they would like things to be different.

Simply offloading your worries in a safe place can be therapeutic.

There are no set rules…

so here are some examples of concerns clients have shared with me.

Abuse,  (physical, verbal or emotional)  Anger,  Bereavement & Loss. Health Concerns, such as Cancer, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Major Organ Failure, Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Stroke, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety. Disability,  Gender,  Guilt,  Personal Development,  Relationships,  Sexuality, Caring, (changing relationships, roles & responsibilitiesStress,  Confidence,  Low Self-Esteem, Crisis,  Major Life Changes & Decisions.

“…my sincere thanks to you for all your help and understanding.” (Client)

Remember, no set rules… if it matters to you, it matters.