How does the counselling work?

An enquiry. A conversation. A planned meeting.

Work begins…

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Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Marie Curie.

In your initial contact with me you may share a little of your concerns and how you would like things to be different. In conversation we will decide how to proceed. During our initial meeting, whether that is face to face, over the telephone or online, you will be invited to talk openly about your worries. If we both feel comfortable we will agree a regular time and day to meet, along with ongoing cost. Usually meetings, (sessions), are weekly lasting 50 minutes. I will take some basic details, like name, address and a phone number. I will keep some brief records of each meeting.

Can’t get to Egham? Remember whatever suits you best. 

Face to face or online or by telephone, or through an employee assistance program. 

If you are choosing to work online I will talk with you about AAB42BCC-73A7-446C-B99E-E44539FF4B79 and how we ensure our work together remains confidential and you have somewhere you feel safe to talk. You will need to be able to download the app which is compatible with P.C.’s, iPad’s, most mobiles and androids. Mobiles will work with VSee if necessary, as the screen size is not conducive to therapeutic work. If you are familiar with Skype working via VSee will be very similar. After you have downloaded the app I will send you an invitation, once accepted we can start video conferencing. Sound useful? Go to

By Telephone? Working over the telephone as with video conferencing I invite you to consider your location. Finding a suitable, safe, quiet, undisturbed place where we can talk.

If we are not meeting face to face all necessary administration will be by post.

Aware I am working in a community where shift work is increasingly popular, I do my best to be flexible with appointments.