Physical Disability Consultant

Disability and Access:-

Is your business sensitive or confused?

In need of a boost with inclusivity?

I work with you so your business can confidently welcome those with physical disabilities providing a positive experience.

Attending a training course as someone with a physical disability I shared my needs in order to fully participate in plenty of time. On arrival I discovered the training room had been set up on the first floor with no direct public lift access. The venue were embarrassed, the front of house staff had no training to manage the situation, nor any authority to alter the arrangements and the facilitator’s training schedule was delayed, affecting everyone in attendance. In time the organizer contacted the venue and a new training room was planned for the following day.


I can work with you:

  • to avoid awkward situations
  • to be more confident welcoming those with      physical disabilities to your premises or events
  • to develop sensitivity to potential problems
  • to offer viable alternatives whenever possible


I work with you to develop your…

  • awareness of physical disability
  • staff training
  • location specific guidance.

As a result your business/organisation and the staff team gain…

  • better customer relations
  • more business
  • develop a stronger reputation for inclusion, (carers, older people and people with physical disabilities, a niche but growing market)

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“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little”

Edmund Burke


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