I do…

Counselling and Supervision.

As a counsellor and supervisor I aim to develop a warm and open working relationship in an accessible,  non-judgmental, safe and  confidential space for you to talk openly.

“I have learned to accept compliments and to venture out of my ‘comfort zone’ to try new things and a whole new world now awaits me.” (Client)


  • Venturing in to private practice?
  • New to the area?
  • In training or recently qualified?
  • Need a new/different perspective for your practice?

In my supervisory role I aim to provide a supportive developmental relationship in which growth can occur whether you are in training or continuing good practice by undertaking continuing professional development.

“you make considered and constructive comments.” (Supervisee)

For me, whichever role I am fulfilling, building a strong working relationship is paramount to enable you to express your thoughts and feelings.

In my service to you I will …

  • listen closely and attentively.
  • seek to understand what life is like for you.
  • aim to reach a place where you feel understood.

Many people experience moments of muddle in life. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Joan, arrived experiencing high levels of anxiety & problematic dermatitis.

As we worked together Joan felt heard and valued which resulted in her noticing change in how she felt, somehow stronger and generally a little better, physically. As Joan described her feelings toward her family she developed a greater awareness of her difficult relationship with her daughter-in-law.

In time she was able to communicate how she felt and decided to stop trying so hard in her daughter in law’s company. Able to be more herself in the family she noticed her dermatitis improved and appeared to be stress related. Finally she developed the confidence to be in control of her own life and engaged with her family on her own terms.

Person centred counselling is relationship based. Within our work together I shall be with you as you explore what you would like to be different.  No worry is too small – if it’s important enough to worry you it’s important enough to seek counselling. Working with someone who does not know you and is otherwise unconnected with your life often makes this easier than it may seem.

“I know the road ahead may be rocky but I am better equipped now to deal with that.” (Client)

Our work together can be long or short term.

I am open to the option of working with you in an Employee Assistance Program.

You may have many questions, all are welcome. Ask and I will respond.