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I am Rayner Ward, qualified, experienced, Counsellor & Supervisor.  I work with adults directly or indirectly affected by long term health conditions, adapting to change, face to face, online, by telephone, and with employee assistance programs.


Are you

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  • feeling stuck, lost, unsure, left behind?
  • emotions out of control?
  • stressed?
  • change not living up to expectations?
  • something unexpected caught you off guard?


“I believe within each of us we hold the potential to live our lives to our maximum capacity and it is healthy to admit that sometimes we all need a little help.”

Over time my work has evolved. Alongside my Counselling and Supervisory work I share my experiences of Mindfulness, Advocacy & Physical Disability as a Well-being Advocate.
Loss or change causing you pain?
Worries that won’t go away? 
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Call: 07982 978 555 or Email: Rayner.uwtk@gmail.com

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